Company introduction

Boat Tech Korea will continue to research and develop its agriculture more effectively and efficiently.
We will be a company that will make every effort to get closer to farmers and contribute to increasing farmers' income.


In line with the wishes of the Samrak Farm, the income growth of farmers,
I will do my best to become a company that contributes to improving the quality of life.


  1. 10

    Patent Enrollment

  2. 06

    Selected as an auxiliary project for Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do and delivered 50 units


  1. 09

    North Jeolla Province Governor's Commendation Award

  2. 03

    [Pesticide Spray Boat] Patent registration, venture company certification

  3. 03

    Selection of a project to support the initial start-up package of the Jeonbuk Economic and Trade Promotion Agency

  4. 03

    Delivery of agricultural technology centers in Ongjin-gun, Incheon, Jincheon-si, Chungbuk, and Boeun-gun


  1. 09

    Establishment of Boat Tech Co., Ltd.

  2. 08

    BayerCrop Science Delivery

  3. 08

    Gangwon Cheorwon Agricultural Technology Center Delivery


  1. 11

    Delivery to Iksan Agricultural Technology Center, North Jeolla Province


  1. 10

    Gwangju, South Chungcheong Province Yesan, Asan Agricultural Technology Center Delivery


  1. Delivery of Dangjin Agricultural Technology Center in Chungnam


  1. Development of Korea's first unmanned herbicide-spraying remote-controlled boat


  1. 06.07

    Boat Tech Korea Establishment