Company introduction

Boat Tech Korea will continue to research and develop its agriculture more effectively and efficiently.
We will be a company that will make every effort to get closer to farmers and contribute to increasing farmers' income.

Technical certification

  • Boat No. 10-2035963 for pesticide spraying (registration)
  • Sun Jeoksimgi No.10-2098962호 (registration)
  • Boat Motion Control System and Method for Pesticide Spray 10-2019-0022647 (on application)
  • Multi-boat 10-2019-0022672 (applied)
  • Hull structure of pesticide spraying boat 10-2019-0022680 (on application)
  • Remote pesticide spraying system and method 10-2019-0022690 (on application)
  • Boat PCT/KR2019/006810 for pesticide spraying (applying)
  • R-R-BTt-HSWBT-K2(Apesticide spray boat KC certification is completed)
  • R-C-BTt-RC6GSR6FG(Finished obtaining KC certification for transceiver)