Product descriptions

Boat Tech Korea will continue to research and develop its agriculture more effectively and efficiently.
We will be a company that will make every effort to get closer to farmers and contribute to increasing farmers' income.

Super Swallow Boat

A boat capable of spraying microorganisms and herbicides
by remote control without entering rice fields.

3 minutes of control based on 1,200
( pyeong = 30 sqft )

In any environment without steering the handle.
Mounting a straight-forward system

Rotate in direction without accelerator control
During patent application
(10-2019-0022647 boat motion control system and method for pesticide spraying)

The amount of dispensing from the controller,
and the amount of dispensing clearance that can be adjusted,
the only herbicide spraying boat in Korea.

Technology that does not roll over or break under any circumstances
Small, light, driving in overhang terrain
User-friendly function and 360-degree rotation capability in any environment

  • hullpolycarbonate
  • Model nameHSWBT-K2
  • Battlefield1100mm
  • Full-width500mm
  • Whole height450mm
  • Weight14kg±1kg
  • Drug tank5.5ℓ(500㎖ ×11bottle)
  • Transmitter Battery AA × 6
  • Receiver batteryrechargeable lithium ion
  • Transceiver distance400M
  • Transmitter6CH 2.4Ghz
  • Spraying timeIt takes about 3 minutes for 1,200 pyeong of spraying time
  • EngineMITSUBISHI TU-26
  • Ignition methodelectronic ignition
  • Exhaust volume25.6cc(1.3Hp)
  • Starting methodLicoil starter
  • Engine-typeair-cooled two-stroke short-term channel
  • Number of rotations8,000 RPM
  • carbrettadiafram method
  • Fuel Tank0.6ℓ
  • UsedFluoride + 2nd Row Oil (25:1)

Super Swallow Boat Design and Features

Because of the nature of the herbicide, it is not suitable for flying and should be sprayed in a spilling manner.

Super Swallow Boat

Herbicide Sprayable herbicide
Operation method Easy to operate
Preparation time Little preparation time
Operating time Operating hours - at least six hours with one charge
Price three million won


Herbicide Herbicide may affect other crops
Operation method Requires obtaining a certificate of operation method
Preparation time Preparation time before the operation - 10 minutes
Operating time 15 minutes of operation
Price over 10 million won

Description of the use of
BOATTECH Swallow Boat in the early stages of microorganisms